Digital Era & The Need of Home Server

Digital Era & The Need of Home Server

With so many concerns in today’s digital world, data privacy remains the top priority that needs to be protected. To manage our day-to-day tasks, there are a lot of tools and applications online that we can make use of. But, don't you think it would be great if we owned what belongs to us? HOME SERVER is the answer.

A Home Server is just a piece of computer that is connected to the internet from your house. It runs the required applications that are needed to perform our daily tasks. We can make use of an old computer or laptop to create our home server. Anyone who intends to have control of the specific content or data should consider setting up a home server. It's not for just geeks and tech enthusiasts.

Below are the top reasons why one should set up a home server

  1. Data Centralization

  2. Media Streaming

  3. Data and Privacy Protection

  4. Personal Learning

  5. Gaming

Data Centralization

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to look for important documents? Not knowing which email thread would that be found or which chat window you would have shared that earlier? Home Server enables us to store the important documents in one place and we don't have to worry about the scattered information anymore.

Media Streaming

The other day, I was speaking to one of my colleagues and he had a concern about whether he can have some sort of control over what his child can watch on mobile / TV. Online platforms pump with unwanted advertisements that nobody wants to watch. Moreover, the big players suddenly increase the prices for media storage and we end up paying for subscriptions. All this can be avoided if we can have our own media server.

Data Privacy

It's more common than ever that we hear news of data breaches. If we somehow manage to store the data in our servers, it will be with us. With this, we don't rely on any external cloud providers to manage our data.

Personal Learning

This is for geeks. To test something on a personal computer, we may need to spin up some kind of virtual machine in the running computer which consumes a lot of resources. The idea of connecting to a home server would offer a playground to learn and test different tools & technologies.

Now what?

This all looks good in theory. But, is it doable by someone who is not very tech-savvy? Of course, YES! Just follow this series of blogs, and you should be able to set up your home server. I will end this blog with the prerequisites and there will be some action shortly.


  • Dedicated basic computer (Don't underestimate the power of old laptop that is lying around)

  • Internet connection (Broadband Connection)

  • Basic knowledge of linux

  • Router

  • You will know other basic stuff as we move on...

That's all for now. Get the above ready, and we can get our hands dirty.